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  • How to Properly Ventilate Your Porta Potty

    Although porta potties have a reputation for being smelly, modern porta potties are designed to smell just like a restroom you would find in a home or business, as long as it is properly used and maintained. Ventilation systems in modern porta-potties are designed to move fumes outside, which prevents stinky smells from building up inside the potty itself. Special deodorizers that are also added ...
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  • We Take Sanitation Seriously

    When you’re planning a major event, whether it’s a festival, a wedding, or even orchestrating a job site, such as a film location or construction project, you need vendors who you know will treat your event as serious as you do both before, during, and after its completion. Here at Patriot Portable Restrooms, we’ve been providing reliable and trustworthy restrooms service for years, and we know ...
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  • Three Times You Might Need Portable Restrooms

    Do you know if the event you’re holding is going to have the restroom facilities that meet your needs? You’d be surprised to learn just how quickly the existing facilities might prove to be inadequate for your needs. In these cases, it might be a smart idea to consider getting extra restroom facilities so you don’t have to worry about your guests or event attendees needing to go out of their way ...
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  • Summer Is Coming-Book Your Porta Potty Service Today!

    With the calendar halfway through the month of April, it’s just a matter of time before summer is officially here and the events calendar really kicks off. Summer in San Diego is known for beautiful weather, hours of sunshine, and as a result many people hold events during this time. If you’re planning an event this summer and know you’re going to need portable restroom service, now is the time to ...
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  • Five Tips For Keeping Your Portable Toilets Sanitary

    When most people see a portable restroom, their first impression is not often one of cleanliness. More often than not a bad past experience with a portable toilet that’s been neglected for some time has left a sour impression on those who may find themselves needing a temporary facility in the future. However, if you’re like most hosts and want to offer your visitors or guests a clean and sanitary ...
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  • Secure Your Event or Project With Temporary Fencing!

    Whether you’re hosting an event and need some form of crowd control, or you’re working in an area and need to make sure the area will stay secure and free from intruders or wandering trespassers for the duration of the project, odds are you’ll probably need some form of fencing. However, installing fencing is a huge expense, which most people don’t want to have to take on. That’s where we come in. ...
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  • How to Keep Porta-Potties Cool in Summer

    Portable restrooms are an integral part of many events, but for many events held during the blistering heat of a Southern California summer, porta potties are often seen in an unfavorable light. This is because porta-potties are often simple boxes that, while adequately ventilated, can get hot when left in direct sunlight, making them extremely uncomfortable to use. To make things worse, a ...
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  • Several Fascinating Porta-Potty Facts

    You’ve probably seen so many portable toilets in your life that you don’t even think twice about them anymore. What’s so special about the big boxes where people relieve themselves anyway? Well, turns out you probably don’t know many of the fascinating facts that make porta-potties so special. On this blog, we’ll discuss some of what makes a portable toilet so unique. Porta Potties Were Invented ...
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  • What Do I Need to Provide Portable Restrooms?

    So you’ve decided you want to get some portable or temporary restrooms for your event or job site. The next step is to figure out where you’re going to put them, which isn’t always as straight-forward as it might seem. While most porta-potties can be put just about anywhere, there are some things you’ll want to consider when deciding their location. Here are just a few of them. Level Ground Nobody ...
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  • Events that Commonly Need Porta Potties

    Hosting an event can be a stressful job, especially if it’s a large event with a lot of attendees. Knowing your location is important, especially when it comes to the restroom facilities that you’ll have available. If you’re hosting one of these types of events, you may want to consider renting some restrooms for your guests because existing facilities often aren’t enough to support the existing ...
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  • Do I Need Portable Restrooms for My Event?

    Nothing can be more of a wet blanket on an event than not having a place to quickly and easily use the restroom when you need it most. So if you’re hosting an event, having a place for your guests to relieve themselves is something you need to take into consideration very carefully before the event comes. If you’re not sure whether or not you have this need, take these things into consideration ...
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  • Keeping Your Porta-Potty Warm in the Winter

    Winter weather can be uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean that people won’t still need to use the restroom. Winter events, construction sites, and even camping sites all can benefit from the use of porta-potties , but there may need to be a little extra planning involved to combat the cold weather. Here are some tips to help keep your porta-potty experience more comfortable over winter. Location ...
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  • Are There Porta Potties for Wheelchairs?

    All of your guests should be able to enjoy every aspect of your event, and that includes the portable toilets. Whether you need a unit that will accommodate a specific guest, or you are seeking to adhere to ADA guidelines, wheelchair accessible porta-potties can help you ensure there are facilities for everyone. At Patriot Portable Restrooms, we have chosen our units carefully to ensure that your ...
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  • Tips for Placing Porta Potties

    If you’re planning an event or a project, you should always take restroom facilities into account. If your venue or site is lacking restroom facilities or has inadequate facilities, it is important to provide alternatives. A popular choice for many locations—from weddings to construction sites—is porta potties . But before you go and order a bank of portable toilets, it’s also crucial to know ...
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  • Are You Due for a Septic Tank Pumping Service?

    If your home or business relies on a septic system , it is imperative to regularly maintain and pump your septic tank. If you do not, you could face some very unpleasant—and smelly—consequences. Here are some tips to help you know when it’s time to call our San Diego septic services. Pooling Water If your lawn has a lake forming, it could be a sign that your septic tank is full. Solid waste can ...
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