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Are You Due for a Septic Tank Pumping Service?

If your home or business relies on a septic system, it is imperative to regularly maintain and pump your septic tank. If you do not, you could face some very unpleasant—and smelly—consequences. Here are some tips to help you know when it’s time to call our San Diego septic services.

Pooling Water

If your lawn has a lake forming, it could be a sign that your septic tank is full. Solid waste can clog the drain field piping system, which forces liquid to the surface. If you notice a large puddle has formed that just won’t dry up, it’s time to pick up the phone and schedule a pumping service for your septic tank.

Slow Drains

While this can indicate a legitimate clog, it can also mean that your septic is full. If the problem persists after using septic-safe unclogging measures, it may mean that your septic tank is full, and it’s time to have it pumped. Slow flushing toilets can also indicate this.


If your septic system collects gray water from showers, sinks, and laundry, as well as blackwater from toilets, you may discover that some pretty strong odors can work their way through your pipes and into your home and yard. If you catch a whiff of something less-than-pleasant, it may be time to service your septic system.

A Too-Healthy Lawn

If your grass is greener in the area of your septic tank, your tank may be leaching liquids into the soil. Contrary to popular belief, your lawn shouldn’t appear different over your septic system, since a well-maintained system should not be leaching into the roots of your lawn. If you notice this issue, you should have your tank examined. Your septic tank may need to be emptied, but it is also possible that a leak has formed, which can lead to significant contamination issues and potential damage to your home and yard.

Sewer Backup

The most obvious and least-pleasant clue, sewer backups will first occur in the lowest drains in your home. If this happens, call a septic professional immediately, before significant damage happens. Sewer back up is usually one of the last of these signs to occur, so it is important to catch the issue early.

If you suspect that your septic tank is getting full, don’t wait to call our San Diego septic service professionals. With more than 30 years of experience, our team at Patriot Portable Restrooms has the solutions to your waste management needs. Our family-run business is dedicated to treating our clients with respect and offering the highest quality services. Our highly trained and friendly technicians can help you keep your septic system in top condition, as well as provide a number of portable restroom options for your events, projects, and more. Call today to request a quote, and learn more about our services.

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