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Porta Potty Rentals In San Diego County


Portable Restrooms for Tailgating

Whether it’s at the collegiate or professional level, tailgating is as American as the game of football itself. People arrive several hours ahead of time, set up their area, and then fire up the grill and have a good time with friends and family. Unfortunately, one of the most common hassles of any tailgating experience is locating a bathroom, or worse, discovering that it is not in service.

If you are responsible for maintaining a parking area where tailgating commonly occurs, it is your duty to ensure that adequate facilities are provided for the fans. Despite the availability of stationary bathrooms, having plenty of porta potties around enables people to have a better tailgating experience in multiple ways.

The following are common reasons why portable toilets are suitable for tailgating:

  1. Keeps the parking area cleaner. Tailgating entails a lot of eating and drinking, both of which prompt many bathroom breaks. If there is a lack of restroom facilities, fans will not hesitate to wait. It is best to provide as many portable restrooms as possible to accommodate the expected number of tailgaters.
  2. Cuts wait times substantially. No like waiting in line, especially when waiting to use the restroom. With plenty of porta potties available, shorter wait times means more time spent enjoying the tailgating experience with friends.
  3. No long walks. If the restrooms are not located in the parking lot, walking to them can be a journey of itself. Again, making available several porta potties would enhance the game experience for the fans.

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