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How to Keep Porta-Potties Cool in Summer

Portable restrooms are an integral part of many events, but for many events held during the blistering heat of a Southern California summer, porta potties are often seen in an unfavorable light. This is because porta-potties are often simple boxes that, while adequately ventilated, can get hot when left in direct sunlight, making them extremely uncomfortable to use. To make things worse, a porta-potty that’s not properly cared for and left in the heat will usually start to develop a strong odor that makes the bathroom experience a highly unpleasant one. As a result, many people either begrudgingly use them or avoid them completely.

However, with a little bit of careful additional planning, you can make sure your porta-potties are kept cool and comfortable—something which your event attendees, whether at a wedding or a construction site, will thank you for. Here are a tips you can follow to keep the temperature of your portable toilets down and make them more comfortable.

Placement is Key

The number one reason porta potties get stuffy and uncomfortable during summer is not just the air around them, but being left in direct sunlight. Porta-potties are made from materials that are built to withstand sunlight, and while the roof, often white in color, is designed to reflect away as much sunlight as possible, the immense heat will bring the temperature up inside. Walking into a porta-potty that’s been in direct sunlight for hours feels like walking into a steaming sauna, only one that doesn’t smell nearly as pretty.

When planning where to leave your portable toilets, try to look for a place that will be shaded during the hottest parts of the day. This will help keep the temperature down, which not only makes your restrooms more pleasant to use, but it can actually help keep odors down as well, which means you won’t have to pump, clean, and maintain your restrooms nearly as often.

Use Airflow to Your Advantage

As stated previously, porta-potties are ventilated, but stagnant air doesn’t do much to take advantage of that. If you can place your restrooms in an area that encourages natural airflow, such as a constant flowing breeze all day long, then your porta potties will stay much cooler than they would in an area without any wind.

Now this does require some careful consideration. Obviously you don’t want to stick porta-potties in an area that faces howling winds on a regular basis. Not only will this make a ton of noise with your porta-potty and make it difficult to open or close the door (depending on orientation), but it’ll also make it vibrate and even shake slightly. The odds of a porta-potty tipping over are minimal, but event attendees will likely be extremely uncomfortable with the idea of using a porta-potty that’s facing strong exposure to winds.

Get an Air Conditioned Option

If you’re going to be hosting an event where restroom quality is a serious concern, you may want to consider investing in a more upscale portable restroom solution. Restroom trailers can offer all sorts of advanced and even luxurious restroom accommodations, including air conditioning, running water, flushing toilets, and much more!

Luxury restroom trailers do require additional planning, as they need access to electricity and a source of running water (such as a garden hose hookup). However, the fact that these restrooms can stay cool and comfortable even when left in the middle of direct sunlight on the hottest day of the year make them an ideal choice for those in need of a better solution.

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